Google testing new search results pages?

Some searchers have noticed a new look to Google's search pages. Is it better or worse?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When it comes to change, sometimes it's hard to believe in. And sometimes it's just hard to believe your eyes.

Some people have begun to notice that their Google search pages look different from those they had come to know, love, and take for granted.

Suddenly, the pages seem cleaner. Suddenly, there's more white space. And suddenly the colors are greener and the underlinings beneath each search result have disappeared.

Naturally, this has led to troubling words from troubled minds.

Some have called the potential new look "ugly." Yes, ugly.

"What the heck was wrong with the old design?" asked a distraught Twitterer.

When it comes to design, though, sometimes things just get old. Partly because you've looked at them too often and partly because the world has moved and new designs offer new ways of looking at things.

Twitpic: Ian Chan

To my own eyes, the intention behind the new design is to make the pages more elegant and perhaps, therefore, to make you feel as if the results are actually more considered and accurate, rather than the morass that seems to rain down currently.

Moreover, perhaps the new design emphasizes white space because Google wants to experiment more with the placement of more challenging types of advertising--you know, the sort you might enjoy rather than merely endure.

There appear to be several versions popping up in different corners of the Web, so perhaps some of you might let me know what you have been seeing and how you have been seeing it.

Taste is always a subjective thing. But wouldn't you like just a little more elegance and breathing room on your Google search pages?