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Google Street View's 'horse-boy' mystery

A man with the head of a horse appears on Google Street View in Scotland. Many are trotting out suggestions as to who or what this might be.

Do you feel the "Scent of Danger?" Could it be the "Centaur of Danger?"

There are unearthly beings in our midst. And I am not referring specifically to any unearthly being that Stephen Hawking is so keen for us to avoid.

Please look at the image from Google Street View that I have been brave enough to present here.

It is the body of a man. It is the head of a horse. They are on the very same being. You try and tell me that this not something from out there, rather than in here.

Who will invite him to the Kentucky Derby? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The BBC says that this "horse-boy," as he has become known, has become a regular on the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland, where the days are cold and the nights echo with foreboding.

People from all over Europe have allegedly been contacting Britain's most august news organization in order to claim they have met him. Though none so far has claimed to have ridden him or fed him carrots.

Horse-boy, it seems, moves very quickly all around the European continent. Perhaps, behind his purple shirt, he has wings.

There are those who reportedly claim that you can find more footage on Google Street View that shows him to be a real human being putting on a cheap horse mask.

I cannot accept this. Horse-boy is surely real and will shortly been seen on Oprah's couch, in the stables of the Prince of Wales, or playing the fine game of C-E-N-T-A-U-R with Shaquille O'Neal.