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Google Social Search to go live Monday

Google Labs is hosting the experimental project, which is designed to link content associated with your Google Profile to Gmail contacts and social-networking friends.

Google Social Search is ready to surface content created by your friends in regular search results pages.

Google is ready to show off its concept for social search while it figures out what to do with Twitter's fire hose of data.

Last week at the Web 2.0 conference Google's Marissa Mayer demonstrated the service, which will go live as a Google Labs project on Monday. Google Social Search links the concepts of so-called "real-time" search with Google Profiles and custom search results, allowing searchers to find content created by friends or contacts with Google Profiles.

Google Social Search was developed separately without the Twitter deal in mind, said Amit Singal, a Google fellow. The opt-in service provides your Gmail contacts and friends on public social-networking services with the content you've linked to your Google Profile, such as blogs, Twitter or Friendfeed accounts, or any number of published material.

That means that if you've linked your personal blog to your Google Profile, your contacts will be able to see your blog posts related to a given query directly in their search results pages. Those links will be placed at the bottom of the search results page for now, and searchers will also have the option to refine the search results page with a new "social" link on the left-hand side of the page to focus just on content from your network.

Public social-networking content from friends of friends will also be available through this service, with a description of how that person's content is linked to your network appearing within the search result.