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Google runs a fade pattern on home page

Visitors to will see only the search bar when they first arrive unless they move their mouse, in which case links to various Google properties will appear. won't show any of the links in the image on the right until a home page visitor moves his or her mouse.

After testing a new-look home page for several weeks, Google is ready to roll it out to the masses.

Google announced the new "fade-in" look for its home page Wednesday, combining its goal of minimalism and its desire to promote Google products beyond search. Starting Monday, visitors to will be greeted by a page totally devoid of anything but the Google logo, the search bar, and the search buttons. Google tends to roll out these types of changes gradually, so you may not see it at first.

That is, until they move their mouse. That will bring up the regular links at the top of the page to image search, news, settings, and the various other links off the home page that Google has added over the years.

Google ran about 10 different versions of the change before settling on this one, said Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products, in a blog post. The company is famously exacting about the changes to what could be considered the Web's most valuable piece of real estate.

The new look doesn't seem to be affiliated with the search user interface changes that Google is also testing, although the company plans to hold a search event on Monday that could reveal more details around that design.