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Google Project Glass foresees an amusing reality

Well, perhaps it's a virtual reality. But a video posted to YouTube shows just how much fun Google's high-tech spectacles might (not) be.

Do they come in prescription versions? That was the first crazed, but enraptured thought that struck me after hearing about Google's Project Glass.

It's always enchanting when a tech company offers a new way of looking at the world -- and behaving in it. I could barely sleep for imagining the possibilities.

Then along comes this YouTube video from Tom Scott -- who's just one of those people who does interesting things.

My eyes well with gratitude for TechCrunch for discovering Scott's vision -- one in which Google's new glasses create all sorts of navigational and mental issues, some of which will test human equilibrium.

Scott asks what it will be like to waft down the street and face messages that strike you in the face. Not like billboards and bus shelter ads that sit there quietly, only noticeable if you turn your head and choose to notice.

No, like billboards and bus shelters that fly in noisily and make you bump into people larger than yourself, as you contemplate why the police would like access to your lifelog.

It's easy for some to wonder why Google would think that these glasses would be relevant to one's daily life. It's even easier to imagine that Google -- so often a designer of products that excite the people who work at Google -- finds it very exciting.

As Scott's charming video points out, the first people to benefit from this invention may well be insurance company execs.