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Google Nexus 7 is already on eBay

Google's new Android 4.1 tablet can apparently be purchased early, if you're willing to pay way over the retail price.

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Today, Google revealed its rumored Android 4.1 tablet to the world, complete with a $200 price tag and July shipping date. But if that just sounds like too long to wait (that's gotta be at least three full days, maybe longer!), the 7-inch Nexus 7 slate can already be found on sale by some opportunistic hawkers on eBay.

At the end of today's keynote at Google I/O where the Nexus 7 was unveiled, the company announced that all 6,000 attendees to the developers' conference would be receiving a Nexus 7, Nexus phone, and Nexus Q social streamer. So, it's no surprise some of those lucky folks seem to be cashing in already.

This particular seller is offering the new tablet for a "Buy it now" price of $500 or a starting bid of $250. Surprisingly, there are no bids yet. I guess you folks aren't that impatient after all, or the hard-core Android fans are all bidding on this other Nexus 7 auction, which has several bids, but none over $300 just yet.

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