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Google Mini enterprise search appliance gets a boost

Three new features and six languages are added to Google Mini, as the search giant seeks to bolster the appliance's appeal to corporate customers.

The Google Mini search appliance got a booster shot Tuesday with the addition of three new features and support for six additional languages.

Google, which has been building up its enterprise presence for several years now, is bolting on to Google Mini file system access control, source biasing, and date biasing.

File system access control is designed to let Google Mini crawl through files housed in shared drives and dish them up as search results to authorized users.

Source biasing aims to give users the ability to rank URLs based on the location and type of documents they're seeking, resulting in those highly ranked documents appearing farther up on the search page.

"Sometimes, files from a certain server are less important and shouldn't clog the search results page. Source biasing enables users to give us URL patterns and tell us if they should be weighted higher or lower," Cyrus Mistry, Google enterprise product manager, said in a Google Enterprise Blog posting.

Google, meanwhile, has created date biasing, which pushes the more recently created documents to the top of the page.

Google Mini, which offers the capacity to search from 50,000 to 300,000 documents, has also increased the number of languages it supports by adding Basque, Catalan, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, and Polish.

Last year, Google expanded its enterprise software offering with Google Mini 2.2.