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Google Maps meets 'Game of Thrones' in interactive Westeros map

An unofficial "Game of Thrones" map uses familiar Google Maps-style navigation, but adds fascinating character paths and a spoiler-slider.

Westeros map
Explore the wide world of Westeros. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's easy to get lost in a land as vast as Westeros. If you've been wishing Google would just break down the barriers between reality and fiction and map out the world of "Game of Thrones," this interactive map of Westeros and Essos may be as close as you'll get to having that dream come true.

Clicking on place names opens a window with more information from A Wiki of Ice and Fire, the Wikipedia-style repository of "Game of Thrones" information.

You don't have to have read all the books to have a spoiler-free experience. A convenient slider lets you set the map to only reveal information up to the point where you're caught up. You can switch between chapters of the books or episodes of the TV series, so it has you covered regardless of how you consume George R.R. Martin's creation. I've read the books, so I have the chapter slider cranked as far as it will go.

You can't get horse-riding directions from Winterfell to King's Landing, but you can trace the movements of quite a few characters from the series. Arya Stark's wanderings are particularly fascinating to see laid out across a map. Others, like Joffrey Baratheon's path, are pretty straightforward. Select multiple characters to see where they overlapped and crossed each other's paths.

But wait, there's more. Clicking on the "nobility of Westeros" option places the sigils of noble houses large and small onto their proper locations on the map. Hover over to see the house names and marvel about how complex the social structure of "Game of Thrones" is. A similar option for constituencies shows where each region's loyalty lies.

Of course, the ideal way to consume this map would be while sitting in your $30,000 Iron Throne replica, but we can't all be so fortunate. We can still dream of a day when Google Street View magically makes its way through Westeros. After all, Google already managed to Street-View the Tardis. Would Westeros really be so hard?

Noble houses of Westeros and Essos
View the noble houses of "Game of Thrones." Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET