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How Google Maps got its groove back for April 1

Google Maps becomes Groovy Maps and Pegman transforms into your own personal tiny dancer. Welcome to April Fools' Day.

Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET

It's April 1 and, as usual, Google has arranged something a little special.

If you jump on to Google Maps you'll see that Pegman, the normally featureless figure you drag and drop around Maps, has been "discofied" with a natty beard, low-fro and purple '70s suit.

In fact, the Google Maps Twitter account has changed its name to Groovy Maps, complete with a lot of Funky Town references. But at the moment that seems to be it... and we normally expect a little more from Google for its April Fools' games.

Two years ago Google went above and beyond, turning Google Maps into a Pokemon game, letting you find and, yes, catch them all. Those people who persevered and located all 151 original Pokemon were rewarded with Pokemon Master business cards, which definitely made up for the waste of an entire working day.

Even last year, you could play Pac-Man on Google Maps. So popping Pegman in a purple suit doesn't quite cut the mustard in comparison. After all, Pegman has turned into a LEGO minifig, an astronaut and even the Queen. We know he likes to dress up.

So we're imagining that Google has a little more planned for its tiny dancer as the day progresses and we'll be keeping a careful eye on him to see if he develops any more symptoms of Friday Morning Fever.