Google: Les Paul doodle is here to stay

After the wild success of Google's guitar-themed Les Paul doodle, the company books it for an extra day on its search page and announces that the doodle will have a permanent home online.

So did you manage "Stairway to Heaven"? Did you at least strum a little Bieber?

If you thought Google's spectacularly popular doodle to commemorate guitar legend Les Paul was, like so many of its doodles, just a one day affair, you have no faith in the power of democracy.

This thing has proved so popular--despite no doubt causing just the occasional office friction--that Google on Friday gave the doodle 24 hours of overtime.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Even more hearteningly, the company took to its Twitter account to announce that you will be able to strum away at the virtual guitar ad infinitum. Yes, the oddly configured ax will have a permanent home on the Web--right here--so you can perfect your guitar doodling.

I know that many thousands of people all over the world have come to enjoy this simple commemoration of a great guitar man and recording pioneer. One estimate suggests that, on Thursday alone, 5.3 million hours were spent plucking about on that little digital six-string.

Now this, perhaps the finest of Google's doodles, will live forever. While many will be fascinated by the rock tunes that so many created with this doodle, others had more ambitious goals.

So, in the spirit of creativity, I have embedded two of the more uplifting attempts. One, is Pachelbel's Canon. The other is India's national anthem.