Google launches iPhone app for Google+

One big gap in Google's social network has been filled with the release of an app to let those with iOS devices use Google+.

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The Google+ app lets people read their stream of posts from people they follow and comment on them.
The Google+ app lets people read their stream of posts from people they follow and comment on them. iTunes

Google has launched an iOS app to use its Google+ service, an important milestone for the fledgling social network that today caters to the techie in-crowd.

Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra announced the iOS Google+ app today. "Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles," he said.

Google+ expanded to reach more than 10 million people last week and still is growing. When it launched, Google issued an Android app to use it, but iOS customers were left only with the Web interface.

Like the Android app, the iOS version lets people monitor their stream of posts from people they follow, the "incoming" posts from people who follow them, and nearby posts from those who are geographically proximate.

It also lets people publish posts to circles, the groups of people that Google+ users define when they want to communicate with a private group.

Also in the mobile app is the huddle feature to set up impromptu chat rooms with contacts.