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Google Image Search jewels rendered in pixelated leather

Industrial design studio Mike & Maaike poaches the world's most expensive necklaces through Google and renders them in pixelated leather.

Stolen Jewels necklace
Mike & Maaike is a new kind of jewel thief.
Mike & Maaike

I'm not the kind of person to drop a wad of money on jewelry, but there are buyers out there that will shell out millions for a necklace with a rare stone or earrings set with massive diamonds.

Stolen Jewels green necklace
The real version of this necklace will cost you a lot more dough. (Click to enlarge.) Mike & Maaike

You can start saving your change, or you can check out the Stolen Jewels collection from design studio Mike & Maaike.

Mike & Maaike hitched a ride on Google Image Search, looked up the world's most expensive and famous jewelry, and started downloading. Those low-res images were then pixelated and reproduced for the real world in interwoven strips of leather.

The artist's statement reads, "With the expense and intricacy of the jewels stripped away, their essence and visual intensity are extracted."

The wearable Stolen Jewels sell for between $250 and $750 at art galleries, quite a savings over the gazillions the real versions will cost you.

You might not see these on Angelina Jolie come Oscar night, but there's a certain satisfaction in seeing over-the-top luxury items remixed into statement art pieces with an assist from Google.

I tried some Google image-searching of my own, seeking the original necklaces on which these are based, but I didn't have much luck uncovering the secrets. Perhaps it's best to just let the mystery be.

Leather close-up of necklace
A close-up look at the pixelated leather. Mike & Maaike