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Google handcarves 1,000-pound pumpkins for Halloween

Proving that not everyone is working on Google+, several Google employees carved six vast pumpkins in order to create their Halloween doodle.

Halloween is supposed to be a time of foreboding.

Monsters will creep up behind you and frighten you. Zombies from a Michael Jackson music video will haunt you, just as you sip your margarita.

But Google is too nice to do that. Googlies are lovely people who just want the world to be a more beautiful and scientific place.

So the Halloween Google doodle is a sweet, innocent affair.

On the Google blog, doodler Sophia Foster-Dimino explains that she and her fellow scribblers got a hold of half a dozen pumpkins from Half Moon Bay, Calif., and spent 8 hours carving them in nearby Mountain View.

And what pumpkins. Some of these were the size of, well, Yahoo. Yes, the largest was supposedly 1,298 pounds, according to the "making of" video I've embedded below.

Foster-Dimino also explains some Googlies put on their costumes for the shoot, but you'll need excellent vision to spot who they all were.

I'm sure I saw a lady Santa Claus--not for the first time in my life. There also seemed to be a visitor from AOL (although that might be the viognier that influenced my imagination).

I must confess I would have preferred something a little more eerie. Although I was hoping that the gentleman during the "making of" video who couldn't work out which side of the knife was sharp might, at least, turn into some kind of wicked serial killer. Sadly, it was not to be.