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Google goes disco for New Year's doodle

For the last doodle of 2013, Google decides to dance the night away.

Farewell, 2013.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

On an Internet landscape blighted by the spying of governments, corporations, and ex-lovers, Google's doodles have been an apogee of delight in 2013.

So, to celebrate the passing of 2013 -- and good riddance, you unlucky year, say many -- Google's perhaps tipsy doodlers have decided to do the hustle, the shuffle, or the oh-dear-lord-my-head-is-spinning-so-I-must-keep-moving-cha-cha.

The New Year's doodle seems to be at an oldie disco, complete with mirrorball.

Each number of 2013 is dancing to a unknown tune, but it looks like Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes "I Wanna Dance Wit' Choo" to me.

As they are doing their thing, trying to look as if they're enjoying themselves, the number 4 is waiting to join the danceathon and relieve the number 3.

The look on number 4's face suggests that he is a touch uncertain. I'm not sure if he's worried about whether he can bring positive change to this dancing crowd, or whether he is merely appalled at the other number's dance moves.

Still, let's look at it as a beacon of hope. If your 2013 wasn't the best, I wish for your 2014 to surprise, most of all, you.

May your stock options kick in like a horse ready to flee. May your heart's desire actually realize this is the case and do what's necessary to bring fruition down upon the current frustration.

And may your adoration for technology never blind you to the small truths of humanity: we all just wanna dance wit' each other, really. Don't we?