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Google Glass mocked mercilessly in bank ad

The regional First Bank tries to imagine what would happen if every member of a family wore Google Glass. It isn't pretty.

Dinnertime insanity. TDA_Boulder/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I live on a street with no sidewalk. So the residents walk their dogs straight down the middle of the road.

When I drive my car on the road, they snarl at me, as, quite obviously, roads are made for walking dogs.

It is this sense of entitlement that seems to affect Google Glass wearers.

"How dare you stare at me?" they seem to say. "You should bow. I am the future."

First Bank, a regional bank operating in California, Colorado, and Arizona, tried to imagine what this future will look like, when every member of the family is wearing Google Glass. Or a ribald equivalent. (If a more ribald equivalent is possible.)

So here we have everyone around the dinner table absorbed in their own little worlds.

For one small second, you still might imagine they're talking to each other. But no.

"Go away," says dad, seemingly to mom.

But mom understands him. "Daddy hates pop-up ads," she says.

While his little daughter takes a photo and orders her smart-glasses to say: "Hashtag, dinner time," dad is busy offering, "Bookmark. Go away" in rapid succession.

Google Glass is suffering currently from an image that's about as embraceable as that of a fallen, drug-addled teen idol.

However, there's one way of knowing for sure that things aren't going too well: when a bank thinks it can mock you.