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Google Glass faithful are coming to your town

In attempt to prove the high-tech specs normal, the Glassholy are gathering Saturday for nationwide "Glass Night Out" events.

She's not filming you. She's trying to make friends. Google/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you go out on the streets tonight, you may get a big surprise.

For the oppressed, the put upon, the downtrodden are marshaling their forces in an attempt to change the course of history.

No, I'm not talking about Occupy Wall Street. I'm talking about something with far more money behind it: the Google Glass Army.

Having lately been driven underground by bad publicity and the evil intent of the Luddite community, the House of the Glassholy is encouraging its members to raise their heads above the parapet and proselytize once more.

For, as the Glass Community's Explorer pages tell me, Saturday has been designated as the day of coordinated "Glass Night Out" extravaganzas.

Google has used the one place where the whole world hangs out -- Google+ -- to galvanize its troops for a surge.

Google+ screenshot by CNET

The blurb declares, with all the devotion of the converted: "These events are part of a community initiative to have a formal Explorer meet up, team with local businesses, and help dispel Glass myths to all."

As I understand it, Glass Explorers intend to secretly film couples as they're canoodling in dark bar corners; take constant photographs of the drunk, the depressed, the forlorn, and the soon-to-graduate, and then blackmail them into writing laudatory posts about the wonders of Glass.

I'm sorry, I've got that quite wrong.

Instead, Explorers in places such as San Francisco; New York City; Washington, DC; Boston; and New Orleans are meeting up at various Glass-friendly cafes and eating establishments. The idea is to -- in the words of an Explorer Events Calendar listing for the New York gathering -- "reach out to folks from all walks of life and across the US who are interested in Glass but were afraid to attend a formal meetup or are still concerned about what Glass and other wearables mean for our future."

You might have imagined that this reaching out should have been done the minute Glass was exposed to a cowering world. Instead, Google imagined that simply putting its new gadget on the noses of Neil Patrick Harris and Newt Gingrich would suffice.

Since then, various incidents (including the banning of Glass at some bars, and the alleged assaulting of Glass-wearers at others) and the instinctive reaction of people who might be described as human, has caused Google to become a touch defensive about Glass.

When you have to instruct your Explorers on not being Glassholes, you've clearly miscalculated. And miscalculation is one of the most painful things imaginable to an engineer.

Personally, I would dearly love to be at a Glass Night Out event in order to be persuaded.

However, did these people really think that the Golden State Warriors wouldn't get the Los Angeles Clippers to a Game 7? Now that is a miscalculation indeed.

(Via NBC News)