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Google Glass Explorer edition heading to devs soon

The developer versions of the anticipated augmented reality eyewear will ship to developers in the coming weeks.

Your local nerds could soon be rocking these.

Google Glass just got real, ya'll.

The Mountain View, Calif., monolith confirmed today that it plans to get Google Glass Explorer Edition into the hands of developers within the next month. So if you know a dev who shelled out the $1,500 for the chance to be one of the first to dig into the augmented reality specs, I highly recommend being on your best behavior at their Memorial Day barbecue -- your drunken pool dive might be broadcast live over a Hangout by the host.

The news came today in the midst of a big announcement that Google Ventures is partnering with a few Silicon Valley big guns -- namely Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers -- to invest in startups developing products for the what it calls the "Glass ecosystem."

Let's hope that ecosystem includes at least a couple of startups with a fashionable design bent that can make Glass look a little more Gucci and a little less Geordi La Forge.

So it looks like Glass developers will have the specs around the time of Google I/O next month, and roughly a year after Google first introduced the technology by skydiving them into San Francisco's Moscone convention hall.

Soon-to-be Glass Explorer edition owners will have to pick them up in person in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York (sorry Omaha devs), but parachuting in to will call is optional.