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Google Glass adds Hangouts, YouTube, iOS support in XE12

This month's Google Glass update is packed full of features sure to make Explorers smile this holiday season.


Google continued its promise to update Glass on a monthly basis by releasing XE12 on Tuesday. The last update of 2013 is packed full of features Glass Explorers have been requesting, and in some cases begging for, the last few months.

The update includes full support for Hangouts conversations with a single person or a group of contacts. Glass users can now share photos through Hangouts, something that was previously only possible with social networks.

Beyond Hangouts support, the ability to upload videos recorded with Glass directly to YouTube was added. A lock screen, Play Music improvements, and the return of Wink are also included in the update. As you may recall, Wink is a feature that when enabled allows Glass wearers to take a photo by winking.

Probably the most notable feature XE12 brings to Glass is iOS support. Google had released the iOS MyGlass in the App Store for a brief period, but quickly pulled it. Once the app is made available later this week, Glass Explorers running XE12 will be able to manage their device from an iPhone, and take advantage of navigation on Glass for the first time. Still missing is the ability to send messages (SMS or iMessage) via Glass when paired with an iPhone.