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Google gets an Eiffel

Where haven't the intrepid Google Street View intruders been? The search giant scales France's famous tower.

It's a long way up.
Google Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Like Napoleon, Google knows how to invade.

Unlike Napoleon, it wouldn't send its army of camera-wielding invaders into a Russian winter.

However, it did send its people, clothed and fed, up the Eiffel Tower to record the very sensations that 7 million visitors experience every year. The results can be seen here. Just click on "museum view."

In a veritable travelogue of a blog post, Google's Mark Yoshitake exposed details of this trek toward the sky.

The Eiffel Tower Company collaborated with the Google Cultural Institute (oh,yes, there is one) to create an exhibition that goes where few high school field trips have gone before.

With the Street View trolleys leading the way, the company's operatives captured some stunning images that have been placed together with archival material for exalted levels of edification.

Google is quite used to scaling heights now. Who cannot be mesmerized by its panoramic footage from atop the tallest building in the world: Dubal's Burj Khalifa?

But where else remains to be conquered? There's already a Google Sky, so one can only hope new, inhabited planets are discovered soon.

I cannot wait for Google Planet Maka.