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Google fans egg-bomb blurred German homes

In a protest against blurring on Google Street View in Germany, supposed Google fans throw eggs at blurred buildings and leave notes that say "Google is cool" on mailboxes.

The launch of Google Street View in Germany seems to be causing civil unrest. Which has now reportedly mutated into uncivil unrest.

Should your mind still be blurred by the conundrum of the apparently naked man on Street View in Mannheim, Germany, you might not be aware that almost 3 percent of Germans requested that their buildings be made fuzzy beyond recognition on Google's photographic street record.

Now, Search Engine Land has brought my attention to an apparent protest about the blurrings.

Google's Munich office in less than all its glory. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It seems that a group of passionate, if stunningly misguided, individuals has gone around the Bergerhausen district of Essen and pelted some of the blurred-out houses with eggs. In addition to this organic disregard for animal byproducts, the protesters apparently taped a message to the mailboxes of these houses.

The message read "Google is cool."

While one can only mutter misgivings at such half-witted behavior (and Google itself has expressed its disapproval), one can also wonder what would have happened had these enthusiasts for freedom ventured to Munich and adorned Dienerstrasse 12 with chicken-sourced projectiles.

This, you see, is the home of Google's Munich office. Thanks to the protestations of another tenant, this building is one of those that has been blurred out. So wouldn't it have been almost Banksyish artistry for Google's own office to have been splattered with eggs and garlanded with the sign "Google is cool"?

Oh, come on. You have weird thoughts too sometimes, don't you?