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Google doodles a complex piece for Freddie Mercury

Google animates its way to celebrating the birthday of Freddie Mercury, the late and understated lead singer of Queen. The doodle is visible around the world September 5, but not in the U.S. until September 6.

Freddie Mercury would have been 65 today (Monday).

That seems a very peculiar thought. Still, in his honor, Google's doodlers--who have truly risen to their metier over the last year--have labored with verve to deliver a doodle of which the shy and understated lead singer of Queen would have been proud.

To the tune of "Don't Stop Me Now," we see the full gamut of Mercurial splendor, animated with amusement and complexity. NBC Bay Area reports that the doodle took three months to put together. That's about as long as "Bohemian Rhapsody."

"Considering how colorful Freddie's career was, we wanted to create a doodle that was just as colorful," doodler Jennifer Hom told NBC.

Well, just look at this crazy thing, one seemingly born of a significant level of love.

The doodle enjoys subtle references to several Queen songs, including the utterly seminal "Flash"--from a movie in which Max Von Sydow used all of his acting skills in order to keep up with his fellow cast members.

Sadly, for those who might remember Queen as being an outre favorite of alternative DJs on late-night British radio, there is no obvious reference to the greatest Queen song of all time, "Seven Seas of Rhye" nor to "Keep Yourself Alive."

Still, Google's choices for doodles remain eclectic and heartfelt, characteristics that some wish the company would extend to the remainder of its offerings, as it fights for regal supremacy.

The Freddie Mercury doodle is live for most of the world on Monday but is being saved for Tuesday in America--in order not to make anyone see a gregarious side of life on the somber feast that is Labor Day.

On Google's blog, Queen's guitarist (and astrophysicist) Brian May reminisces about Mercury's complex and endearing character. The doodlers have certainly done an entertaining job of expressing that. They've also done a highly flattering version of May's hair.