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Google doodle for Valentine's tells real, beautiful love stories

Google's Valentine's doodle features candy hearts. When you click on each one, you can listen to a love story from very real people indeed from "This American Life."

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You've booked the restaurant. It'll be overpriced. You've sent the flowers. They'll be overpriced too.

What happened to the best things in life being free? Or at least less than bank-breaking?

But wait. Here is Google whispering in your ear: "Listen. True love exists."

And so you go to Google's home page (in the US) where you'll find a Valentine's Day doodle that makes you believe in love. Yes, for free.

Six candy hearts are arranged where the logo used to be. There's "Crush," "Mr. Right," and Blind Date," to name but three.

Click on any of them and you'll hear a love story, taken from public radio's "This American Life," of a real human being.

For example, "First Kiss" talks about two "friends" who knew they were more than that. It was time for the first kiss. Yet how would it happen? Would it happen at all? I will leave you to find out how love's true path might meander.

The narrator of "4Ever Yours" begins: "Warning. This one gets a little heavy."

What follows is a beautiful tale of one man's marriage to another, at the age of 45. He felt astonishing adrenaline. Then he realized that this perfect love will end one day. He couldn't bear the thought. I wonder how much of it you'll be able to bear before you cry.

"Puppy Luv" features the line: "Chris, will you go out with me?" That's all I remember of that one.

The different kinds of love expressed here have far more intensity and value than any number of heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolates.

If you are lucky to spend your Valentine's with your quintessential hero or heroine -- or at least someone who might end up that way -- may the day add to your story.