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Google doodle animates Newton's apples

In a delightful homage to Sir Isaac Newton, Google makes its doodle move, as an apple falls from a tree. It's the great mathematician's birthday January 4.

Google's business side is becoming ever more robust, and ever more, well, business-like. But its doodles are becoming ever more charming, whimsical even. And now, ever more animated.

This heartwarming piece comes as the world organizes parties beneath apple trees to celebrate the birth of Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac, one of the developers of differential calculus and, you know, the first Apple tablet, would have been 367 years old on January 4, 2010.

So Google, at its heart an engineering concern, not only offers us the branches of an apple tree, but, if you wait, an apple gently falls from it, like the latest bright idea from a Google engineer's cranium.

I cannot remember too many Google doodles springing into action. So for all those searching for something to enliven themselves as the world of work begins to churn into another year, little could be more inspiring than this lovely piece of animation.