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Google+ arrives on the iPad, iPod Touch

After a bumpy rollout to just iPhone users last month, Google updates its native Google+ app to work on Apple's iPad tablet and iPod Touch devices.


Following last month's introduction of a native Google+ app to iPhone users, Google's updated that app to work on Apple's iPad tablet and iPod Touch devices as well.

In an update this morning, the same app (iTunes) now works with those models, though in the iPad's case it's just as a double resolution version versus a native, big screen application. Previously iPad and iPod Touch users couldn't even install the application from the App Store.

Along with the compatibility fix, Google's added a settings tweak for Huddle, its group chat offering, to let users pick who can message them, based on what circle they belong to. Google's also pulled together the notifications you get from being added to circles to keep them consolidated.

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Google's app continues not to work on the developer beta version of Apple's iOS 5, which is expected to be released in the next month or two. With this build, Google's added a convenient pop-up message for users on the test version of that platform that alerts them to this fact.

Google+, which remains invite only, hit the 25 million member mark less than a week ago. The service launched at the very end of June as an alternative to social-networking giants like Facebook, combining a number of Google's properties and technologies under one umbrella.

(via 9to5mac)