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Google adding more user product reviews

Retailers will have a way to funnel reviews to Google's product pages through a new partnership with a company called Bazaarvoice, which creates user-review systems.

Google Product Search
Google's product search pages will now incorporate reviews from Bazaarvoice clients like Best Buy.
Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET

Google is teaming up with a service provider for user-generated product reviews to add those reviews to search results and ads.

Bazaarvoice, a start-up that counts major shopping sites like Macy's and Best Buy among its clients, announced Wednesday that it has struck a partnership with Google to allow its roster of clients in the gadget sales and manufacturing worlds to share user-generated reviews on their site with Google. Bazaarvoice is essentially a third-party reviews engine for a number of large retailers, such as Best Buy and Macy's.

"User reviews and ratings are important content for users who are trying to shop," said Sameer Samat, director of product management at Google. Google already pulls products reviews (from people like these guys) and user reviews into its Google Products pages, but the partnership will make it easier for retailers to funnel those reviews to Google, he said.

At some point, Google will allow retailers and manufacturers to include those reviews in AdWords ads, although that's not ready yet, Samat said. He compared it to the way product companies include reviews of their products in print or broadcast advertising, reasoning that it was high time Google allowed its advertisers to do the same.

Some of Bazaarvoice's clients, such as Best Buy, are already funneling reviews to Google. Others are expected to follow, although it's up to the client whether they want to surface those reviews on Google's product pages, Samat said.