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Google acquires GreenBorder Technologies

Google acquires security software developer GreenBorder Technologies, giving it a new sandbox to play in.

GreenBorder Technologies has been acquired by Google.

The acquisition, according to a posting Monday on the Google Operating System blog, should provide the Internet giant with a Web "sandbox" for its users. Basically users could enter the sandbox, search and interact with various Web sites, and leave any viruses they encounter back in the sandbox when they exit.

As it turns out, a couple weeks back GreenBorder customers had been wondering the company's discussion board if something was afoot.

On its Web site, the security software developer noted it would discontinue sales of its GreenBorder Pro products, but would continue to support existing customers until their subscriptions ran out.

One customer mused, "At the risk of being flippant, how can GB both stay in business and not offer its products for sale? That's a very curious business model!"

Although a free trial download is available on, a sister site of, it had a purchase price of $29.95 prior to the Google acquisition.

It remains to be seen if Google will offer the technology for free, as it's baked into the Internet giant.