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Golfing guilt-free on a sunny afternoon

Sunray Solar Roof Kit can make most electric golf carts work from sun power.

Cruise Car
Sunray Solar Roof Kit
Cruise Car

Maybe golf cart makers are wising up to the fact that not many people will trade in their perfectly good electric golf cart for wind or solar specialty carts.

Cruise Car, a maker of solar golf carts, has announced a new kit it says will allow most popular electric golf carts to use solar power as an energy source.

The Sunray Solar Roof Kit, which can send power directly to an existing 36- or 48-volt battery, can generate up to 180 watts or 60 volts. Cruise Car says this will allow electric golf carts to go 30 percent farther between battery charges.

The kit retails for about $1,795, but Cruise Car says buyers may qualify for a federal solar tax credit.