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'Golden Girls' fans: Vote for your own Lego set

Thank you for being a Lego friend! Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia and even Stan are re-imagined in Lego, along with their fab Miami bachelorette pad, in this mooted set on the Lego Ideas site.

Imagine how much fun you'll have reenacting your favorite moments from "Golden Girls" with this elaborate Lego set. Lego Ideas

While many Lego fans clamor to get their hands on " The Simpsons" or " Star Wars" sets, some of us long to build a bunch of bricks that remind us that the good times are yet to come when we retire with our gal pals in Miami. No really, we want a "Golden Girls" Lego playset!

Samuel Hatmaker submitted a proposal on Lego's Ideas site to make the senior citizen crashpad from the beloved '80s sitcom "Golden Girls" a reality. The set is complete with minifigures of its opinionated characters Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia and even Stan, the only man brave enough -- or smart enough -- to keep the ladies happy.

The mooted set is a recreation of the "Golden Girls" house with the foyer, living room and kitchen built like a TV studio set with a removable fourth wall.

The proposal is already a hit, gaining over 10,000 supporters, which is the number needed for Lego to take the next step -- a proper review -- in considering the set for official release.

"It has been meticulously recreated to have opening cupboards and fridge in the kitchen, wicker sofa and chairs, a hallway backdrop, a storage closet in the kitchen, and an outdoor area with potted plants and a hose," Hatmaker wrote in his Lego proposal.

Hatmaker is such a fan he even recreated many classic scenes from "Golden Girls" in his Lego proposal, including Rose shooting Blanche's vase, Dorothy playing "Grab That Dough," Rose rescuing her teddy bear from a mean little girl and a special visit from Burt Reynolds.

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Stan with his comb-over make for charming Lego minifigs. Lego Ideas