Gold, diamonds, T. rex bones dress up priciest iPad

Bling and dinosaur bones make up the world's priciest iPad, from British luxury designer Stuart Hughes. Only two will be made. And they'll cost more than $8 million apiece.

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Eric Mack
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Finally, a gift for the posh paleontologist Apple fanboi who has everything--the iPad 2 Gold History Edition from luxury designer Stuart Hughes comes with 53 "flawless" diamonds individually set in the Apple logo; a 24-karat gold back-plate; an Ammolite front frame complete with shavings of a tyrannosaurus rex thigh bone; and one more huge, 8.5-karat flawless diamond on the front.

Owning this unique gadget will set you back a little more than 8 million dollars, but you'll want to break open that piggy bank soon, because the production run is limited to two. The price tag outdoes the previous title-holder for world's most expensive iPad--a $1.2 million diamond-encrusted offering--by a mile.

Here's a more detailed look at the specs:
- 57 grams of 65 million-year-old tyrannosaurus rex thigh bone.
- 750 grams of Ammolite stone, the world's oldest at 75 million years; sourced from Canada.
- 16.5-karat diamonds on the back and an 8.5-karat single diamond on the front.
- 2,000 grams of solid 24-karat gold.

If you don't fancy yourself a fashionista in the Jurassic style, associated site Goldstriker also offers plenty of other lavishly modified gadgets for all sorts of tastes. There's even a gold, monogrammed BlackBerry available for die-hard fans of the legendary Western Australian soccer club the Perth Glory. No word on whether that one comes with any shavings from the goalie's thigh bone.