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Gofor: like Uber for drones

A concept startup imagines a future in which we can call drones on demand to scout parking, check weather and take hands-free selfies.


(Credit: Alex Cornell and Phil Mills)

A concept startup imagines a future in which we can call drones on demand to scout parking, check weather, take hands-free selfies and make sure your home is secure while you're away.

Drones raise many concerns for the average citizen, such as personal safety and personal privacy — a fear that was made manifest in a fictional video by designer Alex Cornell called Our Drone Future, imagining a society in which the police constantly use drones to monitor the populace.

Now, Cornell wants to show the other side of that future: a future in which drones are benign, even helpful, a resource that citizens can trust and utilise. Along with his partner, Phil Mills, he has launched a fake startup called Gofor that helps us see what such a future might be like.

"The consumer drone market has exploded over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the most exciting technologies are typically reserved for the military; consumer drones meanwhile mostly resemble child's toys and RC helicopters, capable of nothing more than novelty aerial imaging," the press release reads.

"No longer. Gofor is poised to take the consumer drone market to the next level. With a new fleet of drones on demand, Gofor will make this technology useful to the consumer — capable of providing users with a multitude of services."

The concept as described would work via an app. Users of map-based services such as Uber and Lyft will be familiar with the dispatch interface: they would be able to call a drone and set it a task based on a map location, then watch the map as the drone completed its task. The drones would also have video cameras equipped for scouting missions, which would be sent via live feed back to the user's mobile device.

Of course, there are a number of reasons this can't exist yet, not least of which is drone/camera battery life — but it sure is encouraging to see someone imagining a positive application for a tech bogeyman.

Check out more on the Gofor website, and watch a video of how the service would work below.

Via www.gofordrones.com