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GoDaddy makes very funny ad (no, really)

To celebrate small businesses, GoDaddy presents a woman who's proved everyone wrong and wants to tell them where to shove their views.

It's a lovely feeling to tell everyone just how wrong they were about you, as GoDaddy shows. GoDaddy/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you think of Super Bowl ads featuring women wearing very little, GoDaddy might come to mind.

Images tend to be sticky, though this ISP has drifted toward a more profound persona in recent times.

During last night's NFL game, however, the company aired something positively amusing. The ad claimed to be part of a series celebrating inspirational business owners.

At first, you think it's going to be one of those prosaic poems to hard work and good fortune. A woman sits at her desk and shows how creating her own Web site had led to success. She explains that there had been those who doubted her enterprise.

Next, she wanders around her world, telling every one of those doubters where to shove their doubts.

It's a burning truth that others, even if they mean well, can tear you down before you even start. This woman's sheer glee at telling everyone, from her husband to her schoolteacher to her dying grandmother, to "stick it!" is a feeling that many would love to experience.

It's beautifully played and might just move those whose ears are filled with "oh, forget that silly idea and get a proper job" or "come on, that's never going to work" to fight back.

The next time someone tries to bring you down with their miserable world view, or just their miserable view of you, you'll know exactly what to say.