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Go offroad on Altered's V3 Dual-Sport electric skateboard

The V3 DS can go from a street board to an all-terrain platform with a few changes that take under two minutes. Then you can carve away in the dirt.

V3 Dual-Sport electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are nothing new, and those that go offroad have been around for years.

But here's one that can transition from street to mountain path in under two minutes by swapping out the wheels.

Altered Electric Skateboards' Pro-Line V3 Dual Sport is designed to let you switch from street trucks to offroad trucks in about 90 seconds, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

Skaters would be able to use the same board for getting around town and carving up dirt paths, says Los Angeles-based Altered.

Both configurations have a top speed of 20 mph, with zero to 20 in three seconds. The braking system goes from top speed to zero in 40 feet.

The board has a range of up to 16 miles depending on the type of battery pack used, which takes up to four hours to fully charge.

The street version of the V3 has been selling for about a year now, and the Kickstarter campaign is offering the offroad upgrade (trucks, wheels, and motor) for those who already have a V3, starting at $225.

Check out details at the V3 Kickstarter campaign, which is trying to raise money for the injection molds and cast tooling for the all-terrain upgrade to the board here.

Meanwhile, check out the campaign video below.