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Go GIF-crazy with free new iOS app from Giphy

Animated-GIF search app Giphy releases the Giphy Cam app for iPhone that lets users shoot their own GIFs, add custom effects and share with friends on social media.

It's raining money! At least, it's raining fake money in this GIF I made with Giphy Cam. Anthony Domanico/CNET

Despite how common GIFs are in Internet culture today, they've typically been a major pain for most people to create.

Luckily for people who like to share images of themselves enjoying an animated nacho fiesta, making GIFs got a little easier.

Giphy, the popular Web search tool that lets you scour the Internet for great reaction GIFs, on Thursday released a new iOS app called Giphy Cam that makes it super easy to create custom animated images on your iPhone. Over 47 million people visit Giphy each month to search for the Web's most popular animated GIFs, according to Quantcast.

Giphy Cam lets you shoot short animated images in either standard continuous loop or five-frame burst formats, and you can apply one of nine filters to your image. But perhaps the best part of Giphy Cam -- what really sets it apart from the handful of other GIF-creation apps out there -- are the included overlays that add all sorts of cool effects, resulting in images like the one at the top of this post that has dolla dolla bills (yo) raining down on me.

That's just one of the effects available in the free Giphy Cam app. Others include things like a ring of emoji so you can surround yourself with shades-wearing emoticons and animated sparkling hearts that you can add to selfies you send to your sweetie. There are 40 effects in total, and the effects, combined with the nine filters, give you hundreds of options for customizing your animated images.

As you'd expect from a create-your-own-GIF app, you can share your resulting images on social-media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Messenger, in addition to sharing them via email and text messages. All told, Giphy Cam is a pretty addictive way to torture your friends and followers.

Giphy Cam joins a handful of other GIF-creation tools on the market -- most prominently GifBoom and 5Seconds. You can download Giphy Cam to your iOS device now to start creating your very own animated GIFs, just don't ask me how to pronounce them. An Android version of the app is in the works, though no official launch date has been announced.