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Go Dragon Ball hunting with Bandai's official Radar

Bandai is set to catch your hearts, and some Dragon Balls, with this special collector's item.

Premium Bandai

With 2016 being the 30th year of the Dragon Ball anime, Bandai is closing it out by taking preorders for an official Dragon Radar.

The Dragon Radar, which appeared in the very first issue of the Dragon Ball manga in 1984, was a tool to track down each of the seven magical Dragon Balls. These spheres, when brought together, could summon the mystical dragon Shenron, a being capable of granting one wish -- including returning someone to life.

The all-important Radar has been faithfully re-created as a collectors' item in celebration of 30 years of Dragon Ball. The original anime began airing in 1986 and would lead to two more series, Dragon Ball Z and GT. The franchise is still massively valuable, having made over $5 billion in merchandise alone.

The Radar replica is equipped with a circular LED screen that displays images and text, as well as sensors that move as you do while you draw closer to each Dragon Ball.

It also comes with all of the sound effects Dragon Ball fans would expect, as well as a few background tunes from the show. Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma -- the character who designed the tool, reprises her role to provide a selection of new voiced lines of dialog to the voice.

Once you've collected each of the seven spheres, Shenron appears on-screen, in fully voiced glory, to ask which wish you'd like granted, before disappearing again and scattering the Dragon Balls once more.

Preorders for the Dragon Radar can be made at Premium Bandai until January 31 next year. It's priced at ¥10,800 ($95, AU$130, £75). While not cheap, it's not a bad price for having your wishes granted.