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Go ahead and spill on this nanotech menswear

Indochino's new line of menswear comes with a protective coating that supposedly repels liquids and stains and helps keep you smelling good.

This inside compartment lets you use your smartphone without removing it from the waterproof pocket.

A new line of men's suits from custom online menswear brand Indochino might not contain aloe vera and algae extracts like these new patootie-pampering blue jeans, but they still join the denims in the fancy-futuristic-fabric category.

The Ultimate Tech Collection boasts nanotech suits that supposedly repel liquid and stains and resist odors and wrinkles, all while staying breathable and comfortable. If the suits live up to their promise, you should be able to run through a rainstorm while sweating profusely, then break a ballpoint pen over your leg -- and still show up at the board meeting looking (and smelling) no worse for the wear.

The wool suits not only sport a protective nanotech coating that ought to keep you relatively unscathed by the elements, they also include a detachable down "storm flap" that's designed to protect your neck and chest from the cold. Available in navy, light blue, and look-over-here orange, the flap buttons into the inside of the jacket as a kind of scarf stand-in.

The jacket joins the growing list of gadget-compatible garments with its touch-responsive Smart Pocket that lets you operate your smartphone straight from the suit (from the look of the pocket's location, that could require some maneuvering). The jacket also comes with a metal earphone cable clip and rubber earphone hole under the lapel.

So how much will one of these weather-resistant, smartphone-loving getups run you? They fall in the mid to high range, at approximately $630. Again, that includes a storm flap but not aloe vera sleeves.

A rubber earphone hole under the suit's lapel helps the wearer stay untangled and hands-free. Indochino