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Gloves offer iPhone traction in winter

Mitts have small touch-screen-sensitive dots that give you traction on your iPhone while keeping your fingers warm.

iPhone-friendly gloves

More accessories for the iPhone crowd, this one taking a rather unusual direction--gloves. OK, maybe not just any mitts, but ones with small touch-screen-sensitive dots that you can choose for one to three fingers. That way, you won't have to bare your digits to get some traction on your iPhone in the biting cold. The makers claim the metal dots are smooth and curved enough to offer scratchless use.

Along the way, you can also give your iPhone screen a few quick TLC swipes with the Dots Gloves ($13-$20) to keep it all smudge- and fingerprint-free. Hmmm, wonder if they're any good for Shiatsu pressure point massages.

(Via Crave Asia)