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Glass speakers--for just $168,000!

Hario has just produced possibly the world's priciest glass boom boxes.

Hario glass speakers

Would you spend $168,000 on a set of fast wheels or a Japanese loudspeaker system? The thing is that Hario (which literally means "the king of glass" in the Land of the Rising Sun) has just produced what are possibly the world's priciest glass boom boxes. The five-piece kit from the glassware specialist comprises a subwoofer (center), dual midrange drivers (flank), and a pair of tweeters (in between) for high-end extension.

Judging from the photo, these are passive speakers that look likely to require individual audio amplifiers for each component. That's going to add to the already stellar cost.

According to Hario, these "hardy" speakers are made from heat-resistant glass and took substantial effort to design and build. For the record, the product was developed over 44 months, involving a total of 23 subcontractors. For a single order of 10 pieces or more, you could cart home these beauties at a bargain $105,000 each. Mass order, anyone?

(Source: Crave Asia via CrunchGear)