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Glaskowsky held hostage-- Day 5

Still no iPhone. A little iPhone setup advice for enterprise Exchange servers, too.

Ever since Friday night, I've been staying away from the Apple store just down the road. And the company store at the Apple headquarters down the road in the other direction, just in case they have the things too. And the two AT&T stores I drive by on my daily commute.

Basically, I'm just staying at home when I'm not at work. And when I am at work, I stay away from the water cooler.

This minimizes my risk, because seeing an iPhone in person might be bad. For my wallet, anyway.

The problem is this-- there are people I know who bought iPhones after planning not to. People who have similar tastes in personal electronics. People who are not so easily drawn in by fads.

They bought iPhones after merely handling one for a short time. Peer pressure may have been a factor as well. So it's probably better if I never see my friends again.

But I'll still read their blogs. In fact, a friend of mine-- one of those iPhone-owning friends-- was assigned the task of figuring out how to get iPhones to connect to his company's Exchange server. This is the sort of thing he does for a living, and I wasn't surprised that he succeeded, or that he put the instructions on his blog.

So if you need to hook up your iPhone to a Microsoft Exchange server, here you go: