Give your Xbox 360 an 'Infected Omen'

The cool Gears of War Vault from gaming accessory makes Calibur 11 gives your game console a glowing makeover.

Philip Wong Associate Editor
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Philip Wong

Gears of War Vault
Calibur 11

The Gears of War Vault from gaming accessory specialist Calibur 11 is a must-have for diehard GOW fans. The two-piece shell with a glossy "bleed out" finish is compatible only with the new Xbox 360 Slim and is held in place via bolts in order to avoid voiding the console's warranty. The firm has also added a handy cradle to hang your controller, though the main highlight is the Infected Omen light feature. This glows in four different colors, including crimson red when the player is temporarily knocked out of action.

At $89.99, the GOW Vault is an expensive kit to own, but the price also includes an opportunity to win an official life-size GOW Cog armored suit replica as seen in the game. Gears of War 3 is slated for a global release in September.

(Source: Crave Asia via Kotaku)