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Give the Clap-Off Bra a big hand

This geeky DIY brassiere pops off when in the vicinity of clapping. May we recommend leaving it at home when attending concerts and other applause-intensive events?

Peek-a-boo! The bow hides the electromagnet in the front of the bra.
Randy Sarafan/Instructables

The old "Clap on, clap off" jingle from the '80s has a new product to attach itself to, and that product sits right on your chest, ladies.

While you can't snag a Clap-Off Bra at Macy's, Instructables has a step-by-step tutorial that only requires two circuit boards, an Arduino, a 28-pin socket, two 22pF capacitors, a 10uF capacitor, a 1K resistor, a 10K resistor, a 100K resistor, a 7805 voltage regulator, and a few other items you're sure to have in your soldering kit.

Basically, the battery-operated bra uses an electromagnet that controls a switch to make the undergarment pop off when someone claps nearby (video mildy NSFW). Creator Randy Sarafan, a hacker and new-media artist, says the bra was inspired by the creative electronic lingerie (like remote-controlled and glow-in-the-dark unmentionables) one finds in Syrian bazaars.

"In the West, we often think of Arab cultures as sexually repressed societies, when -- in fact -- it turns out that they are clearly leaps and bounds ahead of us in advancements in lingerie technology," he writes on Instructables. "Those of us in Western cultures have a thing or two to learn from the Syrians about gaudy electronic lingerie."

Sarafan's Instructables directions aren't brand new, but they're enjoying an, um, uplift now that they've resurfaced online, and when we saw them, we had to put our hands together. Please take note, Randy: Geeky gals the world over would totally throw their support behind a Clap-Off Star Wars Theremin Bra.

Yes, you'll have to sew a USB cable along the underside of the bra, but who said lingerie would be easy? Randy Sarafan/Instructables

(Via Huffington Post)