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Give a wag to Tailly the wearable tail

Meet "Tailly," a sensor-enabled mechanical tail by a Japanese man who also invented brainwave-controlled movable ears.

"To-Tailly" cute or crazy?
Shota Ishiwatari/Kickstarter

This is probably one of the most bizarre projects we've seen on Kickstarter: a wearable tail called "Tailly" that wags according to the wearer's emotions.

The tail, which hangs on a belt with sensors on the inside, reacts to the wearer's heart rate, wagging furiously when users are excited and swinging slowly when they calm down. We're picturing it for cosplay and costume parties, or maybe as a children's toy.

According to the Tailly Kickstarter site, one "could even wear Tailly on a date and express your true feelings through the wagging tail. Even better, your partner could also wear one... to add a level of subconscious communication between the two of you." Hey, we're not judging here.

Tailly's inventor, Shota Ishiwatari, previously developed the prototype for a pair of Neurowear brainwave-controlled cat ears called Necomimi." After customers asked Ishiwatari about a matching tail, he decided to start work on "Tailly." Amazingly enough, Tailly is not the first robotic tail from this team we've seen. However, the earlier appendage, Shippo, does not appear destined for the commercial market.

If you'd like to get "Tailly" to match your "Necomimi," it starts at $97 for the standard white version. You'll have to fork out a little bit more for extra tail covers that come in black, gray, or brown.

Watch the video below to see some tail-wagging in action.

(Source: Crave Asia)