'The weapons to fight back at pirates': Girt by CNET podcast 61

Village Roadshow gets set for a rock 'em, sock 'em, site block 'em showdown, Apple's Tim Cook tells the FBI to back off, MWC 2016 revs up and DiCaprio stars in the game of the year.

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Nic Healey
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The Copyright Amendment Bill from 2015 is getting the dust blown off it as Village Roadshow get set to hit the Federal Court to have "piracy site" SolarMovie blocked by all Australian ISPs. It's going to be a high-profile test case of the new laws, but it's just the start of something bigger with Foxtel tipped to be next off the blocks.

Apple is taking a stand on privacy with Tim Cook penning an extensive missive explaining why he isn't providing the FBI with a way to unlock the iPhone 5C belonging to Tashfeen Malik -- half of the couple who killed 14 people on December 2 in San Bernardino, California. It's a hot-button topic with opinion very much divided on the morality of Apple's steadfast refusal.

In less ominous news, Mobile World Congress gets underway soon and Samsung is teasing its Galaxy S7 phone with a series of increasingly bizarre videos that have included showing the new phone to a llama and getting it to, well, paint what it saw.

Finally, the Girt Team are more than happy to add a new game to the shortlist for the coveted Girty Award for Services to Videogame Entertainment. Please click here to play Leo's Red Carpet Rampage and help Leonardo DiCaprio win that Oscar. Your life will never be the same.


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