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Microsoft lay-offs, Redditor spray-offs and YouTube pay-offs (Girt by CNET podcast 34)

Microsoft shed 7,800 workers as smartphone fortunes fall flat, Redditors go to war with Reddit CEO Ellen Pao and popular YouTuber PewDiePie gets a heck of a pay day.

If you're one of the 6.3 percent of Australia who currently uses a Windows phone, then you might want to sit down. Microsoft has laid off 7,800 people, mostly from its phone division, with the company pretty much regarding the $7.2 billion it spent on Nokia as a bad call. But that doesn't mean that Windows doesn't still have some love for smartphones.

It's been a big week for Reddit, with a protest currently in action from users over the sacking of the person in charge of finding talent for the high-profile Ask Me Anything (AMA) series of interviews. It's not looking great for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, but she seems more than qualified to weather the storm.

If you're a fan of Let's Play videos -- where YouTubers take a guided playthrough of videogames -- then you'll know the name PewDiePie. If you don't then get ready to: The insanely popular streaming video sensation made an astounding $7.4 million last year. And trust us, gaming as a YouTube category isn't going anywhere.

Finally, it's been a big week for Smart TV in Australia, with LG launching its 4K OLED models and Sony showing off the power of the Android TV operating system.

Girt by CNET Podcast 34

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