TPG buys iiNet, Woollies gets 'appy with Apple and game classification goes online, in Girt by CNET podcast 19

Australia's "best-loved" ISP gets bought, Woollies hints at an Apple Watch app and mobile games finally get a classification system.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
Nic Healey is a Senior Editor with CNET, based in the Australia office. His passions include bourbon, video games and boring strangers with photos of his cat.
Nic Healey

News hot off the digital press from this morning: TPG will be buying out iiNet for a cool AU$1.4 billion. While social media recoils in horror, the Girt by CNET team looks at whether this might be the end of iiNet's favoured status, or if it will just be business as usual for the two companies.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Apple Watch launch event spotted a familiar logo gracing the screen during one part of the presentation: Woolworths. Is a Woollies watch app in the works? And is the Apple Watch what iOS users were really after in a wearable?

The Classification Board got a new system for online and mobile games this week, with a simple questionnaire letting publishers easily get age ratings for games. It's currently just a 12-month trial, but it promises a better advisory for mobile games.

Finally, Apple also showed off the new MacBook -- dynamic game-changer or iterative yawn? The answer may surprise you... or it might not.


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