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Girl scores with immersive Mario-themed bedroom

A young Super Mario fan gets her dream bedroom courtesy of a dedicated geek parent armed with paint, masking tape, and vinyl decals.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Mario room
Sweet dreams of gold coins. carpenter75

When it comes to decorating rooms for young girls, most people think of pink and princesses. The only princess on Redditor carpenter75's mind was Princess Peach. Carpenter75 invested 60 hours of painting time and a whole lot of ingenuity into creating a Mario-themed room for a daughter who requested it.

The room's blue walls are covered in bricks, Mario and Bowser vinyl decals, Mario throw pillows, and 3D question-mark boxes. The high score on the wall is the 13-year-old's birthday.

The daughter doesn't actually play a wide variety of video games, but she does have a special love for Super Mario on NES. "I think she, like me, likes the simplicity of the old games," writes carpenter75.

Carpenter75 estimates that the whole project cost around $700, including the paint, tons of masking tape, decals, and Mario-themed bedding.

The Mario room isn't just a visual feast. There is also a series of buttons tucked into the decor. Pushing them activates different sounds from the games.

We're usually quick to praise the creative geek parents who build these wonderful projects, but let's also take a moment to praise the daughter, who was cool enough to request the room design in the first place. You rock, young retro-gamer.

Mario-themed room
Those bricks are all painted by hand. carpenter75

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