Gingerbread Optimus Prime: Dessert in disguise

"Confectibots, roll out!" There's more than meets the eye to this tasty Transformer. But what if all food could change into powerful robots?

This gingerbread Optimus Prime dessert is the best kind of robot in disguise.

Nothing will impress Santa more than replacing his traditional cookie plate with a giant edible Autobot.

Caroline Eriksson crafted this giant gingerbread Optimus Prime and entered it in a Norwegian Gingerbread House Contest, where she was selected as a finalist.

While the Autobot might even make director Michael Bay think twice before blowing it up, it does make us wonder why more Transformers don't change into food instead of vehicles.

How cool would it be if we had Ratchet Ramen? Bumblebee Biscotti? Optimus Prime Rib? Devastator Deviled Eggs? Arcee Cola? Megatron Manwich? Soundwave Spring Rolls? Shockwave Shortcake? Starscream Stir-fry? Thundercracker and Cheese?

Sadly, the closest we've gotten to food bots were these Changeables Happy Meal toys from McDonalds.

And if you happen to speak Norwegian, here's a video of the gingerbread Optimus Prime.

(Source: Reddit)