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Steal the plans to this gingerbread Death Star

The deadliest spacecraft in the galaxy gets a deliciously detailed gingerbread makeover for the holidays.

This looks more tasty than threatening.

The Death Star isn't normally associated with peace and goodwill to all, but a gingerbread version of Darth Vader's deadly space-ride fits right in with the festive holiday season.

The highly detailed rendition of the planet-destroying craft features red, green and white icing along with a selection of small candy canes, stars, gingerbread men and wreaths. The shape is impressively spherical, a real achievement considering most gingerbread creations are blocky.

Reddit user Freedomtoast9 snapped a hunger-inducing photo of the spaceship, likely taken just moments before it unleashed an attack on a gingerbread Alderaan.

The gingerbread Death Star is not located in a galaxy far, far away, but rather at the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel in Menlo Park, California. It's part of a Star Wars-themed set of fanciful holiday decorations. It makes sense that Star Wars would pop up in the seasonal decor for a Silicon Valley hotel, especially with the big December opening of the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One."

The Rosewood Sand Hill should put out a call for hungry Jedi to come make a trench run on the gingerbread Death Star once the holidays are over.