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Gigapixel shot shows a whole lotta inauguration

Want to get up close and personal with the Obama inauguration? Check out a massive gigapixel image of the event, courtesy of the Washington Post.

A view of the 57th Presidential inauguration.
Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

When it comes to yesterday's inauguration, forget about high-def videos, transcripts, images from space, and all that jazz. The best glimpse of the ceremony resides in a gargantuan panorama that lets you zoom around the action that took place on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The image, captured while Obama gave his inaugural speech, required 13 minutes of straight shooting using a dSLR and the Gigapan Epic Pro panorama-capturing device. To create the stunning mosaic, the Gigapan shot 305 high-resolution photographs of different areas in the scene, which were then stitched together to make the zoomable picture.

The image features an option to show identifying tags of the people in the photo. Sadly, a supplementary option that allows any Facebook user to add their own tagged names resulted in a whole lot of mischief, but at least the blue marked tags by the Washington Post check out as legitimate. For the best experience, I recommend turning off the tags by clicking on the related button in the lower right of the image.

Can you find any funny expressions or moments caught in the picture?