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'Gigantor' photo frame conquers the world

With a 15-inch screen, it dwarfs all others.


At first we weren't sure who would want a 15-inch digital picture frame, but then it occurred to us: You know those people who have life-size wedding portraits in the hallway because they're too big to fit above the fireplace or anywhere else? Mystery solved.

The suitably named "Gigantor Digital Photo Frame," shown here with an equally suitable mugshot of Godzilla, will dominate your desktop not only with a huge LCD but also with its built-in speakers. And its $250 price is surprisingly un-gargantuan given its dimensions, which dwarf those puny 7- and 8-inchers on the market today.

Perhaps it's just another example of LCD makers trying to peddle their wares before they're eclipsed by new display technologies. After all, it's certainly better than some of the alternatives.