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Gigantic coin achieves tilt-shift effect

Instead of "shrinking" a photography subject with special effects, design studio creates a massive 20:1 euro cent coin to make a subject appear small in comparison.

Big Money Project - car

To achieve a miniature, tilt-shift effect on subjects, one can typically rely on specialized lenses or miniature-styled programmed modes found in today's cameras. A Norwegian design studio called Skrekkogle has done the opposite with its Big Money Project.

Instead of "shrinking" a subject with special effects, they have created a massive 20:1 euro cent coin to make a subject appear small, like a miniature scale model, in comparison.

Skrekkogle's giant coin was available for sale at its Web site, but is, alas, currently out of stock. More pics below.

Big Money Project - shopping cart
Big Money Project - phone booth
Big Money Project - motorcycle
Big Money Project - giant euro

(Source: Crave Asia via Petapixel)